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Technical excuse for not writing

Ok, so I know I haven't written any posts lately. I've been out of town... and I'm headed to Athens tomorrow... PLUS I have been trying to learn CSS style sheets and the php that is in the WordPress themes. By learn I mean cut and paste programming. Basically looking at other templates, seeing how they did something, then cut and pasting it into mine. Then looking it up in on-line tutorials for the other stuff.

I did finally get the header navbar to align like I wanted... BUT then I tried it in IE... rrrrrg

Thats me shaking my head in aggravation. That one part works great in Firefox (the browser I use) and Konqueror if you use KDE (I personally like GNOME better on my linux box) BUT it doesn't look right in IE and I can't really test safari..

Here's the browser share for the last 100 hits:








so there's the delimia... do I advertise the new site address with a theme that only looks right to 60% of the readers? Well... I'm thinking, not yet... I think I'll give myself some more time to learn CSS.

Ok... so now that I thoroughly bored you to death... I'll sign off.
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