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Sunday Night Sex at church was great

Sunday Night Sex was this past Sunday.

Imagine this, you walk into church and you hear 50 Cent singing about a candy shop... What types of things run through your mind? Well, I had a couple people rush up to me and ask... "Ummm is this THAT song?" I was like, well yes, it is. "Ummm ok, I was about to say we should probably turn it off" Then someone else was like "Ohhh I thought someone just stuck a CD from their car in or something." Needless to say, it generated a lot of conversation during the 30 minutes or so we hang out in the lobby.

You see I made a CD with several songs whose main theme was sex. I added some hip hop songs, folk music, 80's music... Different styles different times... but all about sex. It worked great. The whole idea was to get people talking about the songs and listening to what they are selling. Of course when I asked who was uncomfortable listening to those songs in church, almost everyone raised their hands... But you know, most people knew the artist, the song title and the lyrics... So if it makes you uncomfortable in church, what's the difference in your car?

This week was about the lies we are told about sex. The band did a great job as usual (sorry no mp3 of the band this time) but it was one of those services for me where I felt like I left so much out. Or like I left too many things hanging, pointing out an untruth and not providing a truth. I know I know, its pretty common after a service to begin questioning the things you said, but this time... I was hit pretty hard in my own mind. Even though I did have several people wanting to talk after the service, some with questions, some just to say it was great and a couple to say "I can't wait till next week." but still... I was still left feeling like the message was not complete. But that's ok, I don't always wrap things up in a nice tidy package anyway.

All in all, I think the service went very well. People are still talking about it and that to me... is a good thing.

I added a link to the message on the Second Sunday MP3 page or you can download the MP3 directly here.

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10/28/2005 01:41:00 PM

Hey Brian,
Thanks for stopping by sbcoutpost. I see that you are friends with Charlie Pharis. Hmmmmm...

I checked out your church site, but didn't find you anywhere. Do they know that you are there yet?  

  posted by: Blogger martyduren

10/28/2005 02:08:00 PM

lol... ummm... sometimes I think they do. ;)

Actually we have just moved to a CMS system for the site and it is still being built/modified.  

  posted by: Blogger Brian B

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