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Running away or running to?

So I had a great conversation recently about why do kids do some of the things they do. It was centered around drugs, alcohol and cutting. My friends thoughts where it was a way to escape. To escape the life situations the kids find themselves in. Bad home lives and that sort of thing.

I believe escapeing is only a reaction to a deeper issue. The issue of wanting to belong. I have several thoughts on this, I just don't have time at the moment to organize them in my mind and type things out.

Certainly I believe sometimes they just want to escape the world... but I think the majority of the time... it isn't really running away from something as it is running to something.

There's this built in thing inside all of us. The need for relationships. The need to be loved. The need to.... belong.

I think in the majority of the cases it isn't running away from the junk as much as its running to a place of belonging....

I just don't have the words at the moment to express what I'm thinking. Maybe when I have some more time I'll come back to it.

Any ideas? Comments? anything????
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10/25/2005 03:41:00 PM

I think you're right on, but sometimes there is enough pain in their lives that they feel they have to escape. What do you do when you want to escape? You go somewhere. You run somewhere. But what happens when you don't have anywhere to go (or don't know where to go)? It looks aimless. It ends up being drugs/alcohol/self-injury/etc. Sometimes that is a place of belonging. Sometimes it's a place of forgetting the pain. Sometimes it's a place where it's easier to cope for a while. Sometimes it's a need to feel something - anything (even pain). It's all pretty complicated... I'd like to hear more thoughts on this.  

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