Christian Radio Listeners Speak

Thursday, June 30, 2005
On my way back to the office from lunch I heard Nicole Mullen's version of the song "Everyday People". You know... I kinda like it...

But I remember when she first released it, I was listening to a Christian station out of Atlanta. The morning DJ's where asking the listening audience to call in and give them an opinion. You see they weren't sure if they should play a song that was first recorded by a secular artist. Even if it was remade by a Christian.

I couldn't believe the response. I mean it was overwhelming how many people bashed the song and were like "No way should you ever play THAT on the radio". Basically their argument was you as a Christian radio station should have enough integrity to not use anything secular to reach your audience. Someone even threw out the WWJD card... Something like... "I'm completely opposed to using something that was first written by a secular artist. She didn't even change the words. You shouldn't play it. Think about it, what would Jesus do?"

Really... who do we think we are using secular things to reach secular people... I mean Jesus would never do such a thing. Imagine... what if Jesus used something like wine at a party or something... or if he used a prostitute as the example for us to follow. Oh my...

And what about Paul... I mean he would NEVER do such a thing as use some statue of a god that was created for pagan worship and use it to point to Jesus... how could he even think of such a thing... well he just wouldn't do it I tell ya!!!

ummm... I have to ask... Do those people read the same bible I read???

Give me a break. The message of that song is a good one and who knows... if the radio station had gone out on a limb and played the song... some pre-christian may have been scanning stations, stopped because they recognized the tune, then actually kept it there and heard about Christ.

Funny how a song will bring back a memory. Oh yeah, I actually did call the radio station and gave Paul as an example of using secular things to point people to Jesus.

You can hear a clip here


My Personality test score

I was catching up on some blogs since I've been out of town for a bit and over at david@revolution David posted his Myers-briggs score. So I thought it would be interesting to find one on-line and do mine too.

Here's the results:

ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

Soooo what are yall??? Give it a try and let me know.

This site gives some deeper explanations to the different types.

Some incomplete thoughts

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Ok so I'm still out of town and only briefly get on the internet. I'm in Columbus today doing the same thing I was doing in Athens.

Athfest was way cool btw. Lots of pink hair, tattoos and body piercings. But other than the people, the art stuff was great too and the bands were good. We had pizza for dinner and while we were walking down the street with our leftovers in a cardboard pizza box, a homeless guy asked me if I had 15 cents... the crazy thing is... all he wanted was 15 cents and I didn't have a dime in my pocket, literally. So I told him, well, I really don't have 15 cents but I have this pizza if you want it. He accepted and was on his way. My son told me, "Dang dad, I knew as soon as I saw him you were going to give away our lunch but thats ok, he'll probably enjoy it for dinner more than we would have for lunch. But I sure was looking forward to eating that pizza for lunch."

And honestly... so was I. Sometimes I give stuff away without even thinking about it. I mean, God gave it to me, I know he won't leave me wanting, so why not give stuff away when you can? But I must say, this was some REALLY good pizza and I really didn't want to give it away. I almost told the guy, "Sorry bud, I don't have any money" and left it at that. But then there was that voice...

It's not in the storm... it's not in the earthquakes... but down in the quiet space... there's this voice that speaks to you... leads you... If you aren't careful the noise of the world will drown it out and you'll miss the silent nudge of God. The more I listen to this voice the easier it is to distinguish and I've learned it's a good thing to listen. But sometimes... even when I know I should listen... I choose to act like I didn't hear, after all, that's MY pizza.



Thursday, June 23, 2005
I'm in Athens today, installing new computers and installing a Win2003 server. The cool thing is AthFest starts tomorrow and I brought my family with me for the two night trip. Sooo tomorrow after I finish everything up... it's off to AthFest.

It's gonna be too fun.

Here's the link Dad

Monday, June 20, 2005
Hey dad, here's the link to the boat picture...

And Happy Father's day again. I love you dad.


I'm glad we aren't church people Dad

"I'm glad we aren't church people Dad."

Was a comment my 11 year old son made as we walked out of a restaurant yesterday. Ok so let me give you a little context. We had actually skipped church because we were headed up towards Athens to drop my daughter off at Camp Sunshine. It's this great camp for children with cancer or who have survived cancer.

So sitting in the restaurant we looked around and saw all the people that sort of look alike. I mean, the suits, the dresses, the shoes... you know... church people. Now don't get me wrong. I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing a suit to church. I just don't happen to be one of the people who do. I was reading Randy Bohlender's blog the other day and he was talking about going to speak at a suit tribe and I guess the idea sort of stuck with me because as we were walking out my son says, "There sure were a lot of church people in there. I'm glad we aren't church people" So I laughed and told him, Yeah, we're more in the flip flop tribe than the suit tribe. Both my kids thought that was hilarious. Thanks Randy. :)

Of course he wasn't talking about faith in God. He wasn't talking about meeting together and worshiping. He wasn't talking about gathering in a building we call church to hear and learn about the word of God. He was talking about this idea that if your a Christian then you should look, walk and dress a certain way. Maybe it's just the Southeast but try walking into some of the "First" churches in flip flops and jeans one Sunday morning.

Truly, I'm not being judgmental. That's just their tradition. I mean, if your going to church, then you have to wear a suit to honor God.

Then my son is like.... "I'm glad we don't HAVE to be church people. We use to be church people you know dad. I'm glad we can go to church just like we are and be Christians without being church people."

You know son, so am I.

I wrote this once...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

slowly silently slipping away into the depths of despair. the cold steel claws of reality ripping into my flesh as the stinging waves come crashing in around me. kicking, struggling, fighting for air in an ocean of struggles. the crashing sound of silence begins pounding in my ears as my screams echo unheard in the distance. an endless darkness pressing in, surrounding me as i struggle to keep my head above the water. alone, helpless, slipping away, letting go, giving up, searching, probing blindly in the utter darkness that has become my life. my hand reaches for an old friend that becomes an icy blade slicing to my bone........
its over... i'm lost... letting go... slipping under...

slowly silently a faint shimmer of light sparkles on the edge of my destruction. growing brighter as it moves towards me. the endless darkness pushing in against it, trying to douse the flame with lies and deceit. warmth, newness, unconditional love quickly flowing over my body delivering me from the cold darkness. reaching back, groping, resisting, feeling the icy blades once again sends shearing pain through my body and yet i am somehow unable to let go. needing it, wanting it, how will i survive if i let go. a gentle breeze of music that's there and yet not, lifts through my mind with deafening clarity and gentleness filling my heart and setting me free....
i'll endure your pain... trust me... i'll never let you go... i love you


Hearing God through a bird and a wave

Monday, June 13, 2005
I was looking through some pictures today and came across some of my sisters wedding. What a cool thing to be able to conduct your sisters wedding. You have to be careful not to say… Marry your sister… I live in Georgia after all, and people round these parts get the wrong idea.

It was May last year I think. They found this lighthouse in Oregon and decided that’s where they wanted to get married. So my sister rented this house for the family to stay in while we were waiting on the wedding day. I must say, the Oregon coast is quiet remarkable. This house sat on the edge of a cliff that dropped off into the ocean. Ok so it was on the other side of the road that was right next to the cliff that dropped off into the ocean. But if the wind was blowing right I could still spit from the upstairs balcony and make the edge.

One morning, I woke up early and was looking for some alone time, just me and God. I grabbed my guitar and headed for a bench that was across the street right on the edge. Man, that was wonderful. The sun had just started coming up behind me. As I looked out across the water, this chilling breeze seemed to flow over me and kiss my cheeks. It carried a slight mist and aroma from the ocean below. I remember just sitting there sort of hugging my guitar, eyes closed, listening, enjoying the moment. I stopped to play some, then to listen some, just pressing into him.

It was then that I noticed this bird. It was sitting on the water. Not that that is all that remarkable, I mean, that’s what ocean birds do. But it’s where this bird was sitting. You see the shoreline below wasn’t like the Georgia coast of lazy sandy beaches with slowly rolling waves. This was a rugged outcropping of jagged rocks and the waves didn’t slowly roll in. They crashed and banged as the ocean slammed against the shore. It was almost like the fourth of July as the waves exploded against the rocks sending water 20 feet into the air. And amidst the crashing waves and booming thunder of it all… there was this bird. Just sitting there, floating, right in front of the rocks.

I could see the wave building and approaching. I almost wanted to scream out… “WATCH OUT BIRD! Don’t you see that wave coming!!!” But just before it slammed the bird into the rocks, he softly lifted off the water and allowed the waves to crash into the rocks below. Then as the water went out, he returned to his spot, sitting on the water in front of the jagged edge.

It was at this point that God spoke to me as, I was thinking, what would happen to me if I was swimming in front of that rock as the waves crashed in around me. I began to see the troubles I had gone through and some of the troubles I was facing. They seemed to stand before me like that rugged cliff. They seemed to crash in around me like the waves rolling in and splashing up sparks in the sky. But then it was as if God said… but if you are that bird, you would be ok.

I mean, as long as you are where God wants you to be... As long as you are doing what he purposed for you to do... Or as long as you are seeking to accomplish the God desire he breathed into you… Then you’ll be ok.

But, just because you are where God wants you to be doesn’t mean the waves will stop coming. It doesn’t mean you won’t get wet when they crash into the rocks before you. The waves are still there. You still get wet. It’s still loud and rattles you a bit. But God is there with you. He helps to lift you, just above the wave, preventing you from being crushed from the weight of it all.

Sometimes I think we just need to look outside of our storm and discover God and allow him to show us where we are suppose to be and just like that bird, he’ll lift us up when we need it most.

Second Sunday MP3 Downloads

Thursday, June 09, 2005
Second Sunday is a worship service at Harvest Cathedral for College students and single young adults.

October 23, 2005
Sunday Night Sex Part 1
You've been lied to. (18 MB) - Pastor Brian

October 9, 2005
No MP3. After a time of music we watched the movie MOST
Followed by a few moments of refelction and a time to just hang out and discuss it.


There are no MP3's for September. Our group joined with the youth because we had a car to give away and we wanted to make it available to both the College group and the youth.

August 14,2005
Passionate Christianity (7.53 MB) - Pastor Brian

Rain Down (4.02 MB)
Holy is the Lord (4.42 MB)
My Glorious (3.97 MB)
Heart of Worship (7.18 MB)

Due to technical difficulties the July stuff will not be on-line

June 2005
Removing the Noise - Pastor Darrin

Oh Praise Him (5.26 MB)
Blessed be You're Name (5.09 MB)
Grace Like Rain (5.52 MB)
Here I am to Worship (11.1 MB)

April 2005
The Essence of the Creator - Pastor Brian


If you love me, you will

If you love me you will…

… sleep with me
… marry me
… help me
… mow the freakin’ lawn
… buy me roses everyday or at least on occasion

How many times do we use our love as a bargaining chip or use the love of others as leverage for something we want? As I hear people talk about love, it seems to be in the context of what they get out of it and I’m thinking, what’s THAT all about.

There’s this verse in the bible that is famously known as the love chapter: 1 Corinthians 13. I mean have you ever been to a wedding when something from there wasn’t read?? Well, I won’t post the WHOLE thing since its so familiar, you know… love is patient, love is kind, it doesn’t envy… and remember when the preacher had you put your name in for Love… it didn’t fit… but then substitute Jesus for love…

Anyway… here’s the tail end of it:

(8)Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. (9)For we know in part and we prophesy in part, (10)but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. (11)When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. (12)Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
(13)And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

As I read that today, I was thinking… you know all the stuff just doesn’t matter all that much. Man you can be this great charismatic teacher… the picture of physical perfection… you can do all these things… but in the end… was there any faith? Or hope? Or love?

Cause that’s what’s going to matter when the stuff is gone. We see love so imperfectly. We make love all about me. It’s like when you get out of the shower and the mirror is all fogged up. You reach up to do your hair, but you really can’t see yourself well enough. So what do you do? You grab the towel and wipe it away. That works for a bit, but it’s still fogged up to some degree. It’s still a cloudy reflection of you. So you wipe it some more or leave the door open or turn on the fan, but by the time its clear… you’re done.

That’s how we see love. A cloudy reflection of what it really is. Then we met Jesus and we begin to see a bit clearer what this perfect love is all about. But things get in the way. Life begins to fog up the mirror. In our attempt to express this thing we only see as a poor reflection we begin adding all the stuff.

It’s not all about you. It’s not even about the things you do. Just wipe away all the stuff and trust in your faith and the hope of a living Savior and simply love.

OK... pretend I'm a bad guy

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
I've already started calling people for baptisms this month. I really love being able to do the baptisms at our church. You get to hear all the fresh new stories of what God is doing in people's lives. Just last month we had 6 people baptized. I thought I would share three of their stories in the interest of keeping this post from becoming an epic

An unwed couple just recently lost their adult son in a terrible accident. It was during this time that they began to look to God for help. Not being able to deal with the loss any other way, they both turned to Jesus. They both have decided to follow him and give their lives to him as Lord and as a first step, they wanted to be baptized. Not only that, they want to get married as well. Truly wanting to reevaluate every area of their lives. So we baptized them together. I mean literally at the same time. I asked another guy who was back there to baptize a friend of his to help me. They actually asked me if we could do it that way. I was like SUUURE. There aint no rules! So They entered the water together, went under together and came up together. What a great symbol of the new life they are both about to share with each other.

Another gentleman was never really a church goer. And neither was his family for that matter. They started visiting with us and believed. They believed Jesus really is real. He really did die for them and was brought back to life. And this entire family excepted Christ. Actually I have started to see more and more of families coming to follow him. Way cool if you ask me. They were all scheduled to be baptized but something came up at the last minute, so only the husband could be there. But he plans on standing side by side with his family this month as they to are baptized. How cool is that?

So here's the last one for now... but man it's great.

This last one was a 6 year old boy. Yes, I believe in a believers baptism. Meaning, you really should understand why you are getting baptized before you actually are. But about 6 months ago we were all on a camping trip. Several of the kids were having sword fights with sticks. A couple of them were trying to convince this little boy he needed to be the bad guy. They should all be bad goes and go about doing their dasterly bad guy deeds. He was like... “No I don't want to be a bad guy.” but with enough prodding he finally conceded with this statement, “Oh, ok, we'll pretend I'm a bad guy. But then we say I learned about Jesus.... and he made me a good guy again!” This little guy... he get's it!

I think I'm addicted to God

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
I so want to get a hold of God.

There was once a lady who had this bleeding disease for years and nothing helped. All she wanted to do was touch Jesus. If she could just get a hold of him, she knew it would be ok. There was this other guy who was about to face his brother. He was a conniving deceiver of a man. He was sure his brother wanted to kill him so he was slipping into the back of the crowd. When he was alone, he met up with God. He grabbed a hold of him and refused to let go. He wanted a blessing from God. He was changed that day because he wouldn’t let go.

Man, I just want more of him. The more I learn. The more I discover about him. The more I want. I told someone the other day I thought I was addicted to God. They didn’t get it. They just gave me that funny little… “Oh isn’t that nice” nod.

If you could just touch him, experience his presence, allow him to work through you…

I wish there was some way to put into words the longing and desire touching God creates. The knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt he is there. It’s not that fear goes away, but rather a boldness from God allows you to push forward through the fear

Don’t you see? God is so real. God is alive. God is reaching out to you. Just touch him. Grab a hold of him and refuse to let go. Trust me, you will never be the same.

That doesn’t mean crap doesn’t still happen. It doesn’t mean suddenly the world is a happy place full of pink roses and daffodils. The world is still the world, but you my friend, you will never be the same. It’s not the world that changes, but how you respond to it.

Dude take off your shoes!

Why did Jesus come?

Ever asked a group of people that question? You get all the Sunday School answers right away. He came to pay for our sins. He came so he could understand us better. He came as a living sacrifice. But you know why I believe he came? To restore a relationship.

I know that’s a cliché you hear all the time. “Christianity isn’t about religion its about relationship” I mean, I hear lots of good Christians spouting that off… well, because the Pastor said so and man, it sounded great when he said it. As we do church once maybe twice a week. As we pray the same prayer every night for dinner or when we put the kids to bed. As we trudge through the church service week after week, going to church because that’s what you do on Sundays. Many people have turned this wonderful relationship into a religion.

They say it, but they don’t understand what it means.

God told Moses… take off your shoes dude, this is Holy Ground! (Exodus 3) What made it holy? Well, God was there. At that point the relationship was whole. There was open communication and a direct line between God and Moses. Guess what? God has reestablished that relationship. That’s what Jesus did! Sure he paid for our sins. But in doing so, he restored our relationship with God. Once you believe in Jesus, you have that direct line.

You can be standing on holy ground. “Oh yes I know, and I wish those stupid kids would take their shoes off when they enter our holy sanctuary too. This is holy ground, and that carpet costs us a fortune to clean.” Ummmm no… that’s not exactly what I mean.

God told Moses to take off his shoes, take off the dirt and grim of your travels. Let go of all that religious junk you are dragging around. For a moment let go of your mortgage payment, let go of that secret little sin you are attempting to hide. Let go of the dirt and grime of the world and step into the presence of God. Right there, right now, while your sitting in front of your computer… you can be on holy ground.